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The only way for me to consistently get to my 6:30 AM shifts on time is to just not sleep the night before. I look like a zombie all the time but at least the shop is open.

— 2 years ago
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While watching Parks & Rec with my mom I confessed my belief that Leslie is totally gay for Ann and she, like, winced


Internet ship-hate is so much less emotional than when it happens in real-time, from your own MOTHER

— 2 years ago
#Mom is anti leslie & ann together forever  #parks & rec  #text post  #mary shut up  #mary stop weirding out your mom with your lesbian ships  #jeeze 
Dear Followers Old & New

All the apologies for falling of the face of the tumblrverse this past week

I stopped bringing my phone to work because of reasons related to productivity but I shall make it up to you all by becoming the most annoying over-poster you’ve ever seen

Like later tonight
Work today so not NOW
- Geeze

— 2 years ago
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If my counselor continues to personify my eating disorder, I’m just gonna say fuck this shit, name it Eduardo, and pretend it talks like a Sassy Gay Friend, dramatic scarf-flinging antics included.

— 2 years ago with 4 notes
#My ED is not a sentient being  #personal  #mary shut up 

Slept in until 3pm my head hurts and I feel disgusting and I hate the world

— 2 years ago with 1 note
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