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Like Piper Kerman does say she is an ex-lesbian too but it makes all the difference with her labeling herself as bi. There is a vast canyon of difference between “I’m an ex-lesbian, I’m married to a man now” and “I identified as lesbian but now I know I am…

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July the 28th, World War I starts (This newspaper was relesaed on August the 5th).




July the 28th, World War I starts (This newspaper was relesaed on August the 5th).


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being bisexual does NOT mean we’re attracted to only 2 genders. it means we’re currently coping with massive ammounts of unbridled lust for american vice-president Joe Biden. save us

Why would you ever?



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Baby Bird Scam

The bird store I go to helps rescue birds, they also sell babies. That sucks.

Why breeding companion birds for profit is bad:
They are sustaining a mess that I (and other rescue peeps) have decided to devote my life to cleaning up.

"Why don’t you just stop?"
Because the guilt I’d endure by inaction would eat me alive.

Selling baby birds is a cruel scam. Some even sell them un-weened, many succumb to death.
Baby birds are all snuggle-butts b/c they NEED a parent to love. This adorable behavior lures people into thinking they’ll always be that way. I experienced this with my first parrot.

There’s a chance they’ll kinda wanna be your buddy, but there’s also a very likely chance they’ll become hormonal devil-birds who can’t help behave like wild animals… because they are. Parrots are not domesticated animals (with the exception of the English Budgie, which, because of this, has a shortened life span which is also cruel).

That’s just one reason of many that you’ll probably hear me rant about.

Oh, and baby birds will live 10-60 years.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I have a cockatiel that I bought as a baby because I didn’t know any better (even though I wouldn’t give him up for the world now), but any future parrots I get WILL be adopted, please if you’re thinking about getting a parrot, look for a shelter!! Rescue a birdie in need, you’ll learn a ton from the people there about the REAL nature of adult birds, instead of getting sold something cute that will turn into a nightmare and destroy your house and bite the shit out of you because you raised it wrong (hella easy to do if you get a baby, trust me, I have an avian vet as a grandma and still almost went totally wrong). 

Important question

When your baby bird who is a stupid snuggle butt bites you

What do you DO

I don’t cry out in pain and I generally just put him down but sometimes he flip flops around and like jungle gyms on my hand and gnaws at my knuckles like they are toys, and the only way I can get him to knock it off is to give him an actual toy, which feels like I’m rewarding him, but then he full on attacks the toy and I can’t tell if he is genuinely pissed or not

#the struggle

Honestly I did realize recently that he’s way better at stepping down when I actually say STEP DOWN which is stupid and something I should have immediately caught onto but I was so busy biting my tongue to keep from saying “ow” that it did not occur to me

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